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Online experiment platform for interactive experiments in research, teaching and corporate training.

Software Platform for Human Interaction Experiments (SoPHIE)

SoPHIE is an experiment platform, that has initially been developed as an open source software at the University of Osnabrueck to conduct behavioral research experiments all over the world. Experimenters are able to create web–based human interaction experiments from ready–made simple building blocks with an intuitive user interface.

The platform adresses researchers in economics & business as well as social or cognitive sciences in terms of behavioral research. In addition SoPHIE can be used for educational purposes in higher education or even earlier. That way lecturers can fully integrate interactive experiments into their classroom teaching. To improve employees theoretical understanding in their field of work, SoPHIE can also be used for corporate training.

SoPHIELabs Cloud Platform

Use the SoPHIELabs platform as a cloud service for flexible usage. Access the platform and set up interactive experiments for free. Run test-sessions with minor limitations in terms of performance in comparison to operative-sessions. Only pay for the information, that is really necessary. We have a flexible payment method to suit your needs.

SoPHIELabs Individual Hosting

To use SoPHIE for an entire lab or institution an individual installation might be useful. The installation can be customized with your own wild card domain and design to match your corporate design and identity. Get an independent platform, including your own user management and performance adjusted to your needs. Contact us for more information.

Automated Testing

SoPHIELabs provides automated testing for your treatments. Any session using predefined steps can be conducted in simulation mode without further knowledge. This procedure will save you a lot of time as you are not required to go through the experiment from the participants perspective to generate data and check for correct inputs. For your own steps you will be able to write your own testing script.

Amazon MTurk

Integrate SoPHIE with Amazon Mechanical Turk, to conduct online experiments with a large user basis. Manage your tasks from within SoPHIE and even organize the payoff from there. Block workers from your experiments or define your requirements in terms of participants connection speed, screen size or other specifications.


Live Monitoring

Monitor participant interaction during the experiment. Have a look at the decisions made and intervene, if necessary. Analyze, whether participants are actively working on the experiment, or if they switched to a different tab. For classroom experiments you are able to address specific students, who are not fully participating. SoPHIE will signal, whenever a participant moves to a different tab or closes the connection.

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Oliver Hauser
Oliver Hauser, Ph.D. Student, Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, Harvard University:
“In my opinion, SoPHIE is a powerful, dynamic platform that takes experimental research to the next level — to the online laboratory. For the past couple of years, I have been using SoPHIE to run experimental economic games on the online labour market, Amazon Mechanical Turk. Working one-on-one with the developers, I have been able to implement behavioural studies at an unprecedented scale, bringing together hundreds of participants at the same time. This has been incredibly useful for my research, and I look forward to more SoPHIE in the future!”

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