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SoPHIE's MTurk integration offers experimental researchers the huge potential of the most popular crowdsourcing platform. SoPHIE is the right experimental software if you would like to recruit subjects via Amazon Mechanical Turk and let them take part in human interaction experiments on the internet. Running experiments online is easy, fast and comes at low costs. MTurk offers a large, diverse and highly anonymous subject pool. MTurk subjects will complete HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) using SoPHIE as an external experimental software. SoPHIE's MTurk integration automates the recruitment of MTurk subjects, handles the matching to a session as well as random matching between subjects. Further, it automates the payments to subjects at the end of the experiment. Subjects' actions are absolutely anonymous and cannot be traced back to their identity.

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If you would like to test SoPHIE's Amazon Mechanical Turk Integration sign up for a SoPHIE test account now. The integration is activated on the test account and offers full functionality in Sandbox mode. If you want to publish HITs on MTurk's live system to run a real time study on MTurk, please contact us.

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Individual Crowdsourcing Solutions

If you would like to connect software other than SoPHIE with Amazon Mechanical Turk or alternative crowdsourcing platforms please contact us. We have a broad range of experience with the development and management of reliable integrations using MTurk's API as well as other crowdsourcing platforms.

Also talk to us if you would like to use the potential of a crowdsourcing platform for a certain task but do not yet have a software tool to do it with. We develop specific customized software which integrates with MTurk or other crowdsourcing platforms.

Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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Anton Ovchinnikov
Anton Ovchinnikov, Distinguished Faculty Professor of Management Science and Operations Management at Queen's School of Business:
“Over the last 10 years I have taught the "Beer Game" supply chain simulation to numerous groups of graduate students and executives. For some of those games I used the "manual" game, when the students have to physically "move" the product and do the bookkeeping, for others I tried several software products available in the market. While the manual game provides ultimate engagement, it is also more stressful for students, and harder to execute by the faculty - a software therefore is a desired solution. My experience with some of the products available, however, has been sometimes negative, and I was therefore looking for a "clean" and simple implementation that just works.

I was therefore very grateful when SoPHIELabs team agreed to work with me and several other academics to create a new Beer Game product on their platform. Since then I used it twice: once with a group of executives, and another times in a graduate course on supply chain analytics. Both times the game ran smoothly and allowed me to focus on the learnings from the game, rather than on the logistics of the game. For the particular features that I like most, I would emphasize that (i) the Beer Game by SoPHIELabs runs on any device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone) and (ii) it has a very clean, simple and visually appealing - well designed - user interface and faculty debrief tools. Students very appreciate both these features, and so do I. I look forward to using this game in my future courses and highly recommend it to other faculty who uses Beer Game in their courses.”

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