Our Story

The beginning of SoPHIELabs

SoPHIELabs was founded by some of the same people who were engaged in the development of the open source experiment platform SoPHIE at the University of Osnabrueck. SoPHIE is a young project with a fast growing international user community. The idea behind SoPHIE was to create an open source, web-based, multi-user development framework for experimenters for designing and conducting human interaction experiments. Due to its web-based approach and its modular structure SoPHIE offers immense flexibility. The use of ready-made simple building blocks as well as SoPHIE's intuitive user interface makes implementing an experiment as easy as possible. However, setting up SoPHIE on your own server and maintaining it as well as programming complex experiments still takes away valuable time and resources.

That's why we have decided to found SoPHIELabs. By providing professional add-ons, support, customization, training and lab management solutions we bring our programming knowledge and experience from plenty of projects to the experimental research community to make experiment design as easy and efficient as possible for you. We offer a hosted version of the open source software where you can start working on your experiment right away without any technical knowledge of servers. And if you, while working on the hosted version, decide that you want your own installation of SoPHIE, we can help you out with set-up and maintenance support. We also offer full customized implementations and programming of experiments so that you have more time to dedicate to research.

While there are plenty other software packages on the market, we think that we have created something new, something unique. By combining the flexibility and great usability of SoPHIE with a full range of services SoPHIELabs offers a sustainable set-up ready for future needs of experimentation. SoPHIELabs is under very active development gaining customers every week. Stay tuned by visiting our website and let us know your needs and thoughts. We would be very honored if you consider us.

The SoPHIELabs Team