Behavioral Research in Marketing

Consumer preferences and behavior, Perception of pricing and product features

Highlights for Experiments in Marketing

Free your mind for research. Design your experiments and invite subjects – the SoPHIELabs platform takes care of the rest and runs your sessions on our reliable cloud infrastructure.

Free Form Communication

Text chat that allows participants to communicate and access profile information for dynamic interaction.

Selective Information Delivery

With Common and Private Knowledge Settings you decide who has access to what information

Auctions, Markets, Bargaining

Standard market and interaction tools allow you to model various dynamics

Complex Workflows

Model complex business workflows in your experiments

Easy to Learn

Intuitive graphical web-interface allows for easy use even for beginners

Unlimited Flexibility

Easy to modify and thus adapts to numerous research settings

Lab & Online

No software installation required in the lab and pre-integrated with Amazon Mturk

Cloud Platform

Zero maintenance, fast and reliable servers that cover the globe

Seeing is believing

Experience our Platform today and for free

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