Take a boost for your learning curve in attending one of our workshops. Introduction Level Workshops are tailored to the basic knowledge required for researchers to implement experiments with SoPHIE. Advanced Level Workshops focus on extended and demanding functionality and are well suited for lab managers who want to support local researchers working with SoPHIE. The Developer Workshop is meant for researchers who want to extend SoPHIE with individual functionality.

We provide workshops in cooperation with the University of Osnabrueck on a regular basis as well as exclusive trainings on-site. Check upcoming workshops for open spots or contact us to schedule a training at your institution.

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Junhui Wu
Junhui Wu, Ph.D. Student at the Department of Social & Organizational Psychology, VU University Amsterdam:
“I have been using SoPHIE to conduct real-time interaction experiments for a couple of months. I have to say that this experiment platform is very user-friendly and easy to handle. Its web-based feature saves a lot of time for collecting data online with multiple participants interacting at the same time. The SoPHIE team is responsive and helpful whenever I have technical problems. Thank you for developing this powerful platform, and I look forward to see more advanced development in the future!”

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