SoPHIE Prolific Add-On

Step-by-step tutorial for online participant recruitment

How to use the Prolific Add-On

The SoPHIE Prolific Add-On allows you to find research participants for your experiment by launching it to a platform with thousands of participants from all over the world. All you need is a Prolific Researcher Account.

Step 1

Go to the tab "Prolific" in your SoPHIE experiment. Click on the button "Activate Prolific" to recieve an unique URL for your experiment.

SoPHIE Prolific Add-On

Step 2

Visit the Prolific website ( and log in to your Researcher Account. Insert your experiment's URL from Step 1 into the container "Study Link". This allows you to record the participants' IDs.

Prolific Study Link

Step 3

Redirect the participants with the completion URL at the end of your survey.

Prolific Study Link

Step 4

Insert the URL from Step 3 into your experiment in SoPHIE. Your participants are now able to enter your experiment via Prolific and are redirected there upon the completion of your experiment.

Prolific Study Link

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