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Why use SoPHIELabs Cloud for your research?

SoPHIElabs Cloud allows you to run interactive experiments in the lab or online. Participants may use any device and you can specify further requirements. Use our predefined building blocks to have participants interact in auctions, text or video chats and many more. Take your time designing your experiment and only pay for the data you collect. SoPHIE is suitable for various research designs in economics, psychology and many more.

We support your experiment design

We provide documentation for all the functionality our platform provides and we will be available for you, whenever you need help. We can also take over the experiment implementation for you or assist with implementation to guarantee a smooth experience.

Get your research results in 3 easy steps

Create your experiment

Use your experiment design and implement it using our intuitive user interface. Take a look at our documentation or reach out to us, whenever you need help.

Recruit participants

Decide, if you want to use your own subject pool or recruit participants from various crowd working platforms or subject panels such as Prolific, MTurk or Qualtrics.

Collect and analyze data

Conduct the experiment and download the gathered data as CSV, Excel or HTML file or create customized reports to visualize the data.

"In my opinion, SoPHIE is a powerful, dynamic platform that takes experimental research to the next level — to the online laboratory. For the past couple of years, I have been using SoPHIE to run experimental economic games on the online labour market, Amazon Mechanical Turk. Working one-on-one with the developers, I have been able to implement behavioural studies at an unprecedented scale, bringing together hundreds of participants at the same time. This has been incredibly useful for my research, and I look forward to more SoPHIE in the future!"

Oliver Hauser is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Exeter Business School, a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, and a Research Fellow at Harvard University.

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