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Online experiment platform

SoPHIELabs is an online experiment platform focused on economic experiments and psychology experiments. We are providing an intuitive interface to help you with your experimental design and data collection. Subjects are able to participate using mobile devices and connect through various platforms.

Conduct your experiments in the lab or use crowdworking platforms like Amazon MTurk or Prolific for your online experiments. Our online experiment platform allows you to run interactive group experiments. Participants can use text or video chat and participate in live auctions or market simulations. In addition you can simply add predefined questionnaires and quizzes that can easily be adjusted to your needs.

  • Mobile compatibility

    When conducting online experiments you never know, which devices participants will use. Our platform enables you to create content that adjusts to the users devices.

    If you are using large tables or graphs, which cannot display on small devices properly we do also offer the option of a requirements check at the beginning of an experiment. That will help you to screen out small devices or old browsers, which might not work with your content.

    Online experiment platform - Mobile Interface

  • Intuitive interface

    When thinking of your experimental design you already have a clear structure in mind. Our interface will visualize the order of the steps and provide a better idea of how the experiment will look like.

    Drag-and-drop steps to change the order, add predefined steps to your experiment and set the number of loops that you want to repeat certain parts of the experiment.

    Online experiment platform - Intuitive Interface

  • Interactive group experiments

    When running experiments online, interactive group experiments might pose problems. However, SoPHIE offers predefined steps for auctions, live text chat, video chat or market simulations.

    Subjects are able to interact in real time or make decisions in turns, whatever you are looking to do with your experimental design.

    Online experiment platform - Interactive experiment

  • Assistance on experimental design

    When designing your online experiment, you might encounter problems and question the feasibility of your experimental design. We will support your designing process and consult on technical doability.

    In addition to that we are more than happy to take over the implementation of the experiment for you. That also applies to a partial implementation of the experiment.

    Online experiment platform - Experimental design assistance

  • Recruiting

    In case you do have your own subject pool at your institution and you are running lab experiments you will not have a problem recruiting subjects. Participants will get into the lab and login with their individual participant code.

    However, when looking at online experiments you might need to recruit subjects somewhere else. Therefor, our experiment platform can be connected to various crowdworking platforms and subject pools like Prolific, Amazon MTurk or Qualtrics.

    Online experiment platform - Subject recruiting

  • Data collection

    Every online experiment or lab experiment is created with the intention to collect data and gather information on subjects' behavior and decisions. Collected data will be provided as Excel, CSV or HTML file outputs.

    Moreover, collected data can be used to generate graphs or other visualized data within the platform through individualized treatment reports. This will give you better insights in a matter of seconds.

    Online experiment platform - Data collection

  • Surveys / Questionnaires

    Making sure that participants understood your main focus is a key part of every experiment. We provide predefined quiz steps for comprehension and attention checks to simplify that process.

    Furthermore, you will be able to use a survey designer and predefined questionnaires to gather demographic information or get an idea of participants risk aversion.

    Online experiment platform - Surveys and questionnaires

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Oliver Hauser
Oliver Hauser, Ph.D. Student, Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, Harvard University:
“In my opinion, SoPHIE is a powerful, dynamic platform that takes experimental research to the next level — to the online laboratory. For the past couple of years, I have been using SoPHIE to run experimental economic games on the online labour market, Amazon Mechanical Turk. Working one-on-one with the developers, I have been able to implement behavioural studies at an unprecedented scale, bringing together hundreds of participants at the same time. This has been incredibly useful for my research, and I look forward to more SoPHIE in the future!”

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