In the Interaction Tab of the Steptype, it can be defined which participants should be interacting together in the same chat. This depends on the selected Context Type. If the Context Type Variable Value is selected, the Context Identifier Variable Name specifies the variable that defines which participants are going to interact. All participants with the same value for this variable will be in the same chat.

The Show interaction members checkbox is used to show a list of participants next to the chat. In addition, a visual effect to extend time pressure is available by using the Alert before end (s) parameter. Specifying an amount of seconds results in a signaling submit button, as shown in the screen below.

The remaining polling parameters can be kept to their default values, if not necessary otherwise. These are used to define the delay until the next request for new messages is sent to the server.

In the Chat Tab the maximum length of a single message can be defined (Message max. length). The entered value represents the amount of entered characters in a message.

Chat Example