This is the most basic Steptype, that helps to deliver a note to the participants. You do not have to do anything else than defining the information you want to display within the Content Tab.

Presentation Info -Example




The Presentation Inlinepdf Steptype allows you to display a PDF file to your participants.

Presentation Inlinepdf -Example

In the PDF Tab you set your PDF Source Type (URL/Asset). Based on your choice you can define the other labels whether you are going to use an URL or an Asset. When using external URLs make sure, that the PDF will be available during the experiment.

We strongly suggest to upload the PDF file as an Asset and specify the Asset Label to display the PDF. That way prevent possible issues with server, where the PDF might be hosted otherwise.

The PDF Frame Height specifies the height of the displayed PDF. If the height of the file is larger than the frame height, participants will be able to scroll through the file.


Presentation Inlinepdf -PDF