Strategic Bomb-Risk Game

This steptype is our version of the risk elicitation Bomb-Risk Game. The interface contains a specific number of icons, behind one of these icons is a bomb. The participant has to decide how many icons to open. Based on this choice, if the bomb was opened, the participant gets no payoff, otherwise he will get a specified amount for each opened icon.

Game Bomb Risk _ Example

You have the possibility to decide the amount of fields (width / height) and the table width and height. You may also decide, whether the game results should be displayed to the participants or not. These options are specified within the Game Tab.


Game Bomb Risk _ Form


In the Form tab, the input’s type should be defined, whether as a slider or a text input, and based on your choice, you will have to define other parameters. For example, the slider orientation and its color. If you choose a slider, you can set the stepsize in the Processing Tab.


Game Bomb Risk _ Game