Form Scale

The Form Scale Steptype can be used to rate an experience, evaluate an experiment or evaluate a class performance. It displays a scale consisting of radio buttons that can be labeled.


Configuration Possibilities

Depending on whether the participants should be influenced from the start, it is possible to set a Field Default Value that has to be in the range between Scal From and Scale To, which define the upper and lower bound of the scale. Furthermore the Scale Stepsize can be defined here. By doing that only the numbers 1 and 1 plus a multiple of the Stepsize will be displayed. Through the Number Legend parameter, the experimenter can decide, whether the numbers should be displayed for each radio button or not.

If the Number Legend is set to Do not show, a customizable Scale Caption can be entered below the scale. The caption on the Side can be displayed with the Number Legend as well. The caption can be defined in the text fields of Scale Caption Left, Scale Caption Center and Scale Caption Right. The Scale Caption Center will not be displayed, when the Scale Caption will be displayed on the Sides.

Depending on the use case it might be helpful to have a wider scale with a little more space, especially when there is a customized caption below. Therefore the Scale Width (CSS) can be defined here in pixels. An example here would be 500px as an entry. In addition information can be displayed above or below the scale by using the Content Before Form and Content After Form.



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