Form Input Number

The Form Input Number Steptype allows the participants to make number inputs with several possible limitations for the input. The entered value will be saved and can be accessed throughout the experiment.


Configuration Possibilities

At first it is possible to decide, whether the input field can be empty or not. By default an input has to be made and the checkbox for Not Empty is checked. Besides that it can be distinguished between integer or floating-point numbers. In that regard the Float Precision can be specified for floating-point numbers.

Furthermore the minimum and maximum value for the input can be defined. As well as that, it is possible to decide, whether these defined values will be excluded of the range or not.

The Steptype then takes care, that no other inputs can be made, especially no inputs that might try to access the database.

In addition the experimenter can decide, whether the text input field is automatically selected for the participant, by selecting the Autofocus checkbox in the Form Tab. If this parameter is not selected, the participant has to select the input field actively

Form Input Number - Processing Tab



Form Input Number - View