Form Config

The Form Config Steptype is a configurable form for multiple input fields. Therefore this Steptype qualifies for customizable questionnaires, including validation possibilites as it is based on a Zend_Form configuration format.


Configuration Possibilities

By default the Form Tab already contains a various amount of possible questions and input possibilities for a post experimental questionnaire. As stated in the Processing Tab of this Steptype and as shown in the screenshot below, the variable names are defined by the first part of each configured form element. The context will be the same for all variables and it will be defined in the Processing Tab, as it is in all Steptypes.

Form Config Steptype - Form Tab

By comparing the displayed configuration to the view below, it becomes clear, that the description adds an information field below the related input. Adding the required = true attribut to a form element forces the participant to make an input for this element. This is displayed by an asterisk in the view. Possible answers can be predefined for various form types and are signaled by multiOptions.

Note: This Form, including the validators is based on the Zend Framework.



Form Config Steptype - View