Form Choice Multi

The Form Choice Multi Steptype is similar to the standard Form Choice Steptype. The difference is, that more than one option can be chosen. Therefore the options are displayed with checkboxes by default and can be displayed as radio buttons as well.


Configuration Possibilities

The available options have to be configured within the Field Options in the Form tab. The format of the possible choices is variableValue: displayedText. Therefore the value before the colon declares the value, that will be saved as the answer and the text after the colon is shown to the participants.

CAUTION: The next option is determined by a line break! Do not insert more than one option into the same line!

Form Choice Multi Steptype - Form Tab

Furthermore Field Default Values can be selected as well, as shown in the previous picture. These are the options, that are selected already, when the participant did not select anything yet.



Form Choice Steptype - View