Grouping at runtime (MTurk)

When an online experiment is conducted on Amazon Mechanical Turk, a pregenerated grouping is not sufficient. Participants might drop out after reading the instructions and the partners they are already grouped with are stuck in the experiment. Therefore, we created a Waiting Room, which groups participants right after all individual tasks are completed. This reduces the dropout rate to a minimum.

By using this option, participants are waiting a limited amount of time to get matched to another participant. If not enough participants were available to build a group, the other participants drop out after the specified waiting time. You can define the size of the group and the scope of the grouping, as you might want to group participants only for certain tasks before generating new groups. The specifications are shown in the screenshot below.

Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is part of the SoPHIE Labs Premium Steptypes, please contact us to get further information.